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  Memories By Carolyn Young

I remember well the day I came into the New York aiort from a trip overseas. I faced the baggage checkers knowing I had lost the key to my suitcase. Just ahead of me they had allowed some people to pass on through but as I followed them a very stern looking clerk...

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  Make Over By Elizabeth Price

We looked through an antique shop and a small writing desk imprinted itself on our wishlist. Dad wanted it for me because the workmanship was superb. But the cost was prohibitive.Instead, he made over a chunky little old table for me, salvaged from a scrap truck on...

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  Boxes By Elizabeth Price

I gathered a handful of greeting cards from the table and sought somewhere to keep them. They were precious and I wanted to keep them safely.“I need a box,” I said to thin air and there was an immediate use for one of the cardboard boxes I can’t bear to throw away....

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  Above Cliché By Elizabeth Price

It has been said so often it is a bit of a cliché; ‘you get out of life as much as you put into it,’ or, said another way, ‘you get what you deserve.’So, if life works that way, by definition Stephen, the first Christian martyr, deserved to cop a stoning to death....

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