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How to get rid of ALL Stress

This beautiful truck won first prize at a local classic car show. Not just because of the impressive exterior, or the great paint job or even those snazzy wheels. It won because of the engine, its components, the way it was built, the clean look and its performance....

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Wind-Bent Trees

I don't know for sure why the tops of all the trees in the Northern-most corner of the island of Guadeloupe are all pointing west. I am sure, however, that somehow or another, it is related to wind. Maybe this happened as a result of the last hurricane to strike the...

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Pause Button

Descending through four thousand feet, the twin engine Beech Baron was purring like the happiest of felines as it maneuvered through a cloudless sky. Above, twinkling stars were beginning to reveal their positions as the weary pilot prepped his bird for landing....

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Not by Sight

Genesis 19 records the sad story of the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. We know fromGenesis 18 that the day before, Abraham, concerned for his family in Sodom (seeGen. 19:29), interceded with the Lord on behalf of the city, and in the end, the Lord promised: "For...

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The Dump Truck

To say I was annoyed would have been an understatement. It was my last day at work before leaving on vacation. My morning preparation had gone well, and I now found myself on the road, headed for work. I was 15 minutes earlier than normal, and those extra 15 minutes...

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