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Ten High

Ten men lived on death row in the wilderness. Their society and their families believed they had a religious duty to desert them. There was no touch of compassion. Death was measuring them for a lingering extinction somewhere in the rocks of the desert. Their vultures...

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Lifeblood of the Community

On a war memorial in a small country town there are two names that are dear to me. They are the names of my brothers and there is a small cross beside one of the names. The names have been there for a number of years but today, when all our values and ideals are being...

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Inscribed Qualification

Sitting by the fire one night, he quietly looked down at his hands, relaxed in his lap. His new boss had called him into the company office. The new boss had changed his job description, it was still the same job, but called by a different name. In order to keep his...

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Follow the Fox

One story from the tsunami disaster was the survival of the whole population of a seaside village. The people observed that their animals were instinctively fleeing to high ground long before there was any evidence of danger. By acting on what they observed, they...

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