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Crumpled and Made Whole

One day my friend and I were installing curtains at church. She brought teeny little nails and a hammer to use. Because the wood was so hard, quite a few of those teeny nails bent over and crumpled under the pressure of the hammer. I thought that was so much like us....

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Are you Ready?

The stores say, "Only 10 days left!" 10 days until Christmas that is. There is so much to do and not enough time. STOP – are you sure you even have 10 days left? Are you sure you even have tomorrow left? Only God holds the answer to that question. We have to continue...

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Are you Planted?

Remembering our roots keep us down to earth. Do you remember the first day you turned your life over to the Lord. I do. It was March 21, 1980. My life was total chaos before that time. I was wavering from church to church continually trying to find the answers in...

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Are we Ready for Him?

It is a serious thing to approach the Lord for favors. We should remember that we are seeking an audience with the King of Kings; his majesty is awesome; he can kill with a glance and resurrect with a smile. He has all the power there is to have and his decision is...

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As I started down the steps of the animal hospital, I could no longer restrain my tears. “Why?” screamed my head. “Why are you crying over a little bird? You should be thankful that it’s not one of your children you just admitted to hospital!” Good point, but the...

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Amazing Love

In the twilight years, I am discovering so many teachers of the Word who are younger in age and more mature in their walk than when my candles on the cake were far less than they are now. It is a joy to see these men and women full of enthusiasm for God and so in tune...

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