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Come You Faithful

"Come, you faithful, raise the strain, Of triumphant gladness! God has brought His Israel, Into joy from sadness, Loosed from pharaoh's bitter yoke, Jacob's sons and daughters, Led them with unmoistened foot, Through the Red Sea waters."For today among His own, Christ...

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God Won’t Let me Go!

Have you ever thought of yourself as irredeemable? Have your past transgressions left you feeling that God could never forgive you, or that he would even want to? And one last question; have you ever felt that you have no right to ask God to forgive you because you...

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Standing on Every Promise

Have you ever encountered an unfulfilled promise? I assuredly have. One of the worst broken promises I’ve experienced was this; “Your job is secure,” I was told, “as is everyone else’s in your department. You’re all completely safe!” In the grand scheme of things,...

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