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 Life-Giving Stream

While I was taking a walk in the park, I noticed a pair of swans just over the fence. They were drinking water from a stream which flowed down from the hills above the town. The water was fresh and clean. The swans had been swimming around in the sea which is salt...

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Anyone from a French culture knows exactly what is meant by the word, "Carnaval", or "Carnival", as we write it in English. Depending upon where Carnival is being celebrated, this could mean anywhere from three days to seven weeks of celebration, celebrations always...

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The Mona and the Glasses

The Mona. A small member of the primate family native to the lowlands of Ghana and Nigeria; introduced and thriving on the isle of Grenada... That's where I made introductions with the critters. We were climbing back up to the parking lot after admiring Concord Falls...

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Seashells by the Seashore

Have you ever picked seashells by the seashore? If so, then you're aware that many of the shells can be in small pieces, broken and crushed. You might even be lucky enough to find a shell that is absolutely perfect, undamaged and without blemish. Recently my wife and...

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The Corrupt

They feed us with sweet lies, And furnish it with scraps of truth. They cover their thought with their smile, To lead us away from what is right. They feast on the fruits we gathered, Gorging themselves on our soup and meat. And we serve them with truth and honesty,...

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