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Paul Smyth

God Won’t Let me Go!

Have you ever thought of yourself as irredeemable? Have your past transgressions left you feeling that God could never forgive you, or that he would even want to? And one last question; have you ever felt that you have no right to ask God to forgive you because you...

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Standing on Every Promise

Have you ever encountered an unfulfilled promise? I assuredly have. One of the worst broken promises I’ve experienced was this; “Your job is secure,” I was told, “as is everyone else’s in your department. You’re all completely safe!” In the grand scheme of things,...

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Answer me, Lord, Answer me!

Admittedly, the five words in this devotion’s title flow out of my mouth a lot. Sometimes I’m calm, other times I have tears running down my cheeks. There are even times when I’m furious at God because he has chosen not to answer me, or even offer a clue as to how he...

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Best Freebie Ever

Who doesn't like free stuff? In this age of consumerism and trying to keep up with the neighbors, not much comes our way for free. Sure, retailers create promotional ads that offer something for free if you spend a certain amount. Or, if you buy two jars of peanut...

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Just Stay Calm

Is there something in your life that's breaking your heart right now? Do you wake up in the middle of the night with your pulse racing because you simply don't know what to do? Do you wonder where the strength will come from to face another day? Let's face it; life...

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Under Attack

Are you engaged in battle with an enemy unseen? Perhaps your battle is against anxiety, fear, panic, or a combination of all three. Maybe you're not trusting God the way you should, or suffer from issues with your faith? If so, then you're not alone. As believers in...

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Storms of Life

I enjoy thunderstorms. My backyard faces west so I have a good view of darkening clouds and distant flashes of lightning as inclement weather draws near. Then finally when the storm arrives, I watch with intrigue as the sky bristles with lightning, followed by sharp...

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What’s in YOUR Backpack?

If you've ever owned a backpack, then you know how useful they can be for storing and transporting items. For a student, they carry books, maybe a computer, pencils and paper. For a hiker, they hold provisions and outdoor necessities. My wife wears a small backpack...

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Seashells by the Seashore

Have you ever picked seashells by the seashore? If so, then you're aware that many of the shells can be in small pieces, broken and crushed. You might even be lucky enough to find a shell that is absolutely perfect, undamaged and without blemish. Recently my wife and...

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