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Shirley Moulton

The Good Gardener

I will be the first person to admit that I am not a good gardener!  I’m just not good with plants.  I’ve been known to kill perfectly hardy house plants.  At home, I am relegated to weeding and watering the garden, which is probably just as well.  Now, I have been to...

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The Antidote to Unbelief

I live in a busy, distracted society, in which many have no belief in the Lord God, His Son Jesus, or the Holy Spirit. There are so many things vying for my attention: my job, social media, following the news, spending time with friends and family — not to speak of...

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An Arrow in My Heart

As a child, I well remember being very envious of a neighbouring family.  There were three sisters, lovely children, who house was grander than ours, with a piano, and they went on wonderful vacations.  As the only girl in our family, I longed for playmates,...

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Curious Character

Every family has those members who are remembered for having outstanding personalities.  I had an uncle who was just such a character:  witty, jovial, talented, and totally unique.  Although he passed away some years ago, after a long, well-lived life,...

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Who Is the Greatest

When I was young, there were many heroes to look up to. One of them was the American boxer, Muhammad Ali, who raised his gloved hands in victory and declared, "I am The Greatest!" As a child, I wondered what made him great. Was he a great athlete, a great dad, a great...

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The Doctor of Souls

As a child, I loved watching the black and white old movies, especially of the Marx Brothers.  Their funny hats and hair and antics were endlessly fascinating, as were their comic banter and impossible tangles they got themselves in and out of. The wit of Groucho...

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Angels Among Us

I have a favourite angel visitation story, found in Judges 13. It is the story of Manoah and his wife, who became parents of mighty Samson. An angel appeared to Mrs. Manoah, and told her she would become the mother of a son, a Nazirite (like John the Baptist), who...

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A Life Story

I love to read, and especially enjoy reading biographies.  Reading these accounts gives me a real sense of connection with people of the past, and helps me see how history unfolded during their lifetimes.  So many people with fascinating lives were part of...

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City on a Hill

I recently saw a video on-line called The Atheist Delusion, featuring interviews by Ray Comfort.  Most of those interviewed were young people, who claimed to be atheists; in their teen years they failed to see believable evidence for the existence of God, and so...

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