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Freedom in Christ

The Hitchhiker

We couldn't initially identify the strange creature feeding at the bottom of the harbour at Anse d'Arlet in Martinique; but upon closer observation, we realized it was a marine turtle, more than likely a Green Sea Turtle. The reason we didn't immediately recognize it...

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The Editor

I just finished editing a paper for my younger son. It actually started out as 12 pages; but by the end, it was down to 10.... This must have been hard on my son. I know from being on the other end of the manuscript that it is incredibly hard when someone edits your...

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Our Freedom Ends…

"Your freedom ends where your brother's begins..." I don't know how many times I heard my mother say it. I never fully comprehended what it meant, however, until much later in life; and even then, its fully meaning wasn't perhaps permanently drilled into my mind until...

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