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  Our Free Gift A Poem

The Lord has a gift for you and for me. It's the gift of Salvation, and you know what? "It's free." You can't buy it with money of any amount, No credit cards, checking, or debit account. Jesus already paid for our gift with His life. Through his blood, sweat, and...

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  Oh River of Spirit A Poem

Oh, River of Spirit, flowing ever so deep, What secrets do you carry? And how long, will you keep? Open up, O sorrowful spirit, and let the lovelight shine. Tell God all your troubles, and let Him fill you with love, so divine. Let go of the years of torment, the...

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  One Night in Hell A Poem

I dreamed I was a sinner,  Still lost and so undone. I had never accepted Jesus Christ, God's one and only Son. He sent me to the pits of hell, Miles beneath this earthly sod, And I came face to face with Satan As he cursed and blasphemed God. He looked just like a...

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  Master’s Card A Poem

I was checking my e-mail, when this ad caught my eye; It said, "Sign up for a Visa, get a speedy reply: We have the cheapest rates, and no set up fee, Complete satisfaction is our guarantee! So, I got online, and I said,"No Thanks!" I have The Master's Card, you see,...

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  God Had a Little Lamb A Poem

God had a little Lamb, He was pure as snow; He was sent to Mary, to live on Earth below. The Lamb was to be the answer, He was to be mankind's cure; Washed in the blood of this Holy Lamb, and it will make you pure. Where ever this Lamb went, His disciples would surely...

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  Glorious Easter Day A Poem

This is the day the Lord has made,  The day it all began,  Awakening to the glory of  The risen son of man. I hear the angels on high rejoice,  Their voices filled with love,  For this is the day He spoke about,  This miracle from above. Because He gave his life for...

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  Come on up Hither A Poem

As she lay there quietly dying, her body wasted and withered; The glory she went out with when God said....... "Come on up hither". He came for her gladly........ for a long time she belonged to Him; Going back to The Holy Vine, one of His missing limbs. No more...

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  Beyond the Tomb A Poem

The Roman soldiers tortured Him, Then pierced Him in the side. His blood flowed free like a river. It was finished, done; He had died. They took him to the tomb and buried Him. Satan thought that his victory was done. But, three days later, Jesus rose from the grave....

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  And the Angels Sang A Poem  

Another soul comes to Jesus and turns their life around; And the angels sang.......glory hallelujah, another soul is Heaven bound. That's one more for the Father, one more soul for our side; And the angels sang.......glory hallelujah, we see a changing tide.   All...

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