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The Hitchhiker

We couldn't initially identify the strange creature feeding at the bottom of the harbour at Anse d'Arlet in Martinique; but upon closer observation, we realized it was a marine turtle, more than likely a Green Sea Turtle. The reason we didn't immediately recognize it...

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Mountains? Or Molehills?

That was one of my southern-bred mother's favorite expressions, one that I admit she had to use often. I was (still am!) the queen of seeing whatever I am upset about as being much bigger in the grand scheme of things as it truly is. Take, for example, how upset I got...

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Out of Place

'Once upon a time' as the saying goes, the Lord woke me with a massively big undertaking. Let me tell you about it. I had felt totally bereft of His presence and had reached a crossroads. Did God care at all about me or did He not? Was I still on His radar or had He...

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