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Second Coming


I woke to a harsh sky and the memories of the other day brought tears unbidden to my face. I have been hiding from the members of the Anti-Christ for two years now. It has not been easy, the hiding, foraging and running from the nemesis that will soon catch up to me,...

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Today’s Christmas 

The wise men from the east celebrated the birth of Jesus and for more than two thousand years we have marvelled that a child born in a stable could bring us eternal peace with God. He came to prepare the greatest gift ever given but we have not yet received the gift...

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The Wheels Came Off

I walked into a tiny café and asked the attendant for morning tea. The café was crowded but two men sitting at a table for three, pulled aside the spare chair and invited me into their space. Thanking them I sat down and, as an invitation to friendliness, Mr....

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Watching and Waiting

It's that time of the year again, when Christians are preparing for the celebration of Christ's birth. A popular custom among many Christians is Advent, a time of preparation leading up to Christmas, and also symbolizing how we wait for Christ's Second Coming.  ...

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Christ’s Birth

Twas on a dark night so long ago, The heavens were lighted with a bright glow. The earth was blessed beyond compare, The Saviour of all had come to dwell there. In a stable so dark and bleak, The Commander of Heaven had gone to sleep. On the straw of a manger He laid...

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Joseph and Jesus

There have been many messages given on the similarities or the symbolism of Joseph being the Torah version of Jesus’/Yeshua’s story in the New Testament. Let me begin with the first obvious facts. Both Joseph and Jesus/Yeshua were born as Jews in Israel. Joseph was...

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