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Miracles Through Trials 

My faith had once again been put to the test. With only half our staff left at work, we received a record number of new referrals. To make things worse, our internet stopped working for weather-related reasons. Then, just at bed time, my sump pump gave up the ghost,...

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The Ultimate Nemesis

My 14 year-old Golden Retriever is on borrowed time. Having already surpassed the normal lifespan of her breed by at least two years, she continues to do the things that she has always loved, including romping in the snow, rolling in the grass, and begging to go for a...

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Not by Sight

Genesis 19 records the sad story of the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. We know fromGenesis 18 that the day before, Abraham, concerned for his family in Sodom (seeGen. 19:29), interceded with the Lord on behalf of the city, and in the end, the Lord promised: "For...

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Feeling Overwhelmed?

Are you feeling overwhelmed today? David knew what that felt like. He lived much of his life in hiding, even going to live with the enemy because of fear of what Saul would do to him, and in the Psalms, we see him even admitting this: "...when my heart is...

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Friday the Thirteenth

I'm not superstitious. Friday the 13th means absolutely nothing to me, and if it weren't for the people surrounding me at work, it would likely go by without me even thinking about it. In fact, some years ago I wrote a piece entitled "Thursday the 12th" in which I...

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The Only Way to Stay Safe From Troubles

Why did I give in? Some years ago, my friends and I walked on the soft sand in the Cabo San Lucas beaches. She elbowed me. "You're going with us. C'mon, parasailing will be fun." I frowned. "You're nuts. I'm not doing that," I said. "Going up in the air with nothing...

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Because He Lives

As the sun began to send forth its pink and orange tendrils that Easter morning, I found myself being drawn outside for a walk in the sunrise. It was a glorious morning. There was just enough wind to stir the air. The birds raised their voices in songs of praise as...

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