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Conspiracy Theories

Each time I turn on the radio or internet, I am inundated with news about Covid-19 and new developments. It seems my social media feeds are peppered with conspiracy theories which verge on the scary but are closer to ridiculous. There are accusations of government...

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What to do When Facing Impossibilities

Memorial Day brings back memories of heroes as with gratitude, we recall their brave commitment to bring us victory. But why do we forget the victory Christ has already won for us? Do you remember this story? "One day the angelsa came to present themselves before the...

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Three Secrets to Make Your Day Shine

A group of friends and I chatted during lunch at an Asian restaurant last Sunday. After we finished, the usual thing happened. A waitress approached the table with a tray. "Fortune cookies for you,” she said with a lovely accent. Although I don’t believe in that...

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100% Pure Orange Juice

I was drinking 100% pure Orange Juice. Or so it said on the carton. I usually don't drink commercial orange juice, for I like to squeeze my own; and as I sipped from my glass that morning, I couldn't help noticing that the juice wasn't quite the same as the...

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