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The Mobber

During the spring and summer, I often see tiny birds driving off much larger ones. I've often wondered about this. How does such a tiny bird have the courage, speed and strength to attack and drive off a much larger one? Finally my curiosity got the better of me, and...

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The Mist

There was a mist this morning when I first looked out the window. A major fog had rolled in, obscuring my vision of the yard... But wait. How could it be foggy? It was, according to the weathernetwork, -14 degrees C! Not exactly weather for the kind of fog I saw in my...

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Joy Happens Anyway

Christmas didn't call for a celebration. Not anymore. Not when you have a vital part of your life missing. It's been twelve years since we lost our son Joe. Festivities don't seem to have the joy they should. And Christmas trees don't emanate the usual scent....

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January Cold

It had been a fiercely cold week in Southern Ontario. Without an insulating layer of cloud, temperatures had dipped well below the freezing mark; and the prevalence of high winds throughout the week had driven the wind-chill factor down to the -20s- -30s. Needless to...

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