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Living Water

Oh, the living waters, those waters so precious and dear! They bring such refreshment, to those who are walking near. Give me a drink of that water, of which I pray I never thirst! The water which flows from the Rock, the water of which my life is purged. Let me walk...

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  Humility A Poem  

Jesus, it's hard for me to put me on the shelf. To be honest, I do enjoy talking about myself.   I do some very interesting things, you know. And, after all, others even tell me so! Still, I have this disturbing feeling that I really need to grow! And then, you...

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  I am no Poet A Poem  

I am no poet. I know it.   Words written down Without a sound.   Smile as I write Trying with all my might.   To show all His Truth. To share His love. From God above.   Easy in many ways, Unlike a maze.   Simple for all Listen to His call.   Just open your heart....

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  America I Love You A Poem  

America, my native land, I pledge my love for you,you are the shining city on a hill, such stories good and true.You’ve provided a safe haven for those who sought your shores,freedom they had never known till they reached your open doors.You saved countless numbers,...

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  The Sweetest Name A Poem

Lord, your name is music to my ears, As sweet as drops of honey on my tongue, Just as fresh as the raindrops on a flower And as vibrant as the bright and morning sun. I will praise it to the world and to the heavens. I will shout it from the rooftops and the streets....

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  The Rising of the Son A Poem

I would love to have been there When Jesus rolled the stone away, So I could thank Him for our precious gift And for the sacrifice He made. How I'd liked to have been there When Mary saw the empty tomb. Her heart must have leaped with joy, After days of tears and...

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  I am Not Alone A Poem

As I sit and watch the birds fly by  I find myself with a tear in my eye  I am not alone God sent the birds to show me today  That I should listen to what HE has to say  "I am with you today"  I am not alone I thank God for the ones he placed in my life  To show me...

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