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by | Dec 30, 2017 | Trials, Waiting

“Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord.” (Psalm 27:14)

The pelican duo paddled in place, bobbing in the canal. They were waiting in anticipation, expecting that scraps would be soon be swept from the fish cleaning board into the water. It was just a matter of moments.

There’s a waiting room in our local hospital where people can stay if a family member is having surgery. Minutes can masquerade as hours, and hours like days, while waiting for results of the operation.

I have found that waiting is not easy and can be frustrating, even confusing. And it seems to go on, and on, sometimes. Occasionally our hands are tied; we have to wait because of circumstances. Times when a course to pursue is not plain, waiting is necessary for clarity. While trying to sort it all out and allow it to unfold, we sit in that waiting zone.

The waiting place, not usually where we choose to be. It’s not forever, though, and it is for a season, a reason, and even a purpose. It’s possible to wait with positive expectation, anticipating things working out for the best. God knows, and He has all things in His hands, especially His children.

That is good news.

Inspirational Messages, Sally I. Kennedy 2017