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Janet Eckles

Cosmic Surgery

I just heard that Costa Rica is the place to go for a make-over of the body. You know those muffin tops? They can be gone now. Or if you want a little tuck here, a little fat removed from here, some added there. The whole body can be transformed. "And the price is...

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The Bright Side of Disappointment

Why does bad news come at the worst times? A while back, I sat at my computer, my fingers dancing on the keyboard when hubby walked in. "You won’t believe this…but it’s 95% certain I can’t go.” He’s got to be kidding! We planned this vacation for a year; it was paid...

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Be Still

Who, me? It’s not my fault…we sometimes want to say. Blaming someone else for our sorry situation can be so tempting. When we mess up, pointing at another promises to be the easy way out. That’s what the Israelites did. As Pharaoh approached, the Israelites looked up,...

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Anticipating Heaven

Once in a lifetime you meet somebody that prompts you to say, "I want to be just like her." Let me tell you about Karen. Like millions, she has faced cancer, but hers is a rare type;., the survival rate is alarmingly small. Yet, for years, she has defied all odds and...

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5 Mistakes that Bring on Regret

I woke up, and while still in bed, I stretched and yawned one night during my visit to Ecuador. As I pondered about the time, I had no way to find out. My cell phone didn't work--no connection. Unlike here in the States, there was no land line phone to use to call for...

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Six Words that will Bring Triumph to your Trials

C’mon, put on your big girl pants on, I thought; you’ve done this before. "Would you like some salad?” my missionary friend asked as we sat at the lunch table in the dining area of the camp outside Habana, Cuba. Each meal time brought back memories of my life growing...

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Why do our Prayers go Unanswered?

Am I being silly with this prayer request? I thought as I asked God for help. "You'll never make it," the airline agent said on the phone as I booked my flight. "You only have 30 minutes and you have to go through the airport to change airlines. The aircraft is very...

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How to Turn Your Weaknesses into Strengths

Guilty. Self-pity nearly won. There was a time in my life when I felt unworthy and useless like the pulp my juicer spits out. Memory of that season rushed in when my friend and I had lunch last week. "You won't believe it," she said, "After I juice, I use the pulp to...

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Why is Your Heart Empty?

Have you ever walked through the empty valley of life? I have. When tragedy struck. When blindness set in, hope vanished. Hope seemed only a word, foreign and elusive. I dabbed tears during sleepless nights as the empty echoed in my sorrow. But the pain finally ended...

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