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Joy & Happiness

Not-so-Joyous Christmas? Jesus’ Joy

As I sit here thinking about the upcoming Christmas season, I remember other Christmas seasons that have passed in my long life.I remember all our family gathering at Gramps' and Grams' house. All the uncles and aunts, my parents and, of course, Gramps and Grams would...

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Great Joy to ALL the People… JESUS JOY! Restoring the Joy of the Christ Child–All Year Long! — Intro

The Christmas season is a season of joy. Why? Because Jesus, the Christ Child, came to this earth to bring: "great joy to all the people" (See Luke 2:11)! It's great news, isn't it? And Jesus Joy--along with His other Christmas gifts to us (salvation, joy, peace, etc....

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What IS Joy, Anyway? JESUS JOY! Restoring the Joy of the Christ Child–All Year Long! — Part 1

The Bible speaks of everlasting joy that will never fail. Why is it, then, that the joy we experience on earth never seems to last? Is it possible that we do not truly understand what joy is? In our search for a definition of joy, perhaps it would be easiest to start...

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Where is YOUR Joy?

I'll cut right to the chase. What in your life brings you joy? If I were to ask you this question, I might expect these typical responses; family, a wonderful vacation, a comfortable bank account, a delicious meal. Or perhaps it's a new car in the driveway or a walk...

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