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Elizabeth Price

The Wheels Came Off

I walked into a tiny café and asked the attendant for morning tea. The café was crowded but two men sitting at a table for three, pulled aside the spare chair and invited me into their space. Thanking them I sat down and, as an invitation to friendliness, Mr....

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The Train Driver told how he made choices as a very young man. He said, "I have worked through the momentous changes from steam to diesel, and was one of the last crewmen to qualify as an engineman for steam in New South Wales. "Then there were the various divisions...

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Job’s Comfort

There is a sense in which our sins are never forgiven. They are like the free lunch – free to you perhaps, but somebody has to pay down the line. It is usually the one who is innocent who pays when the accounts are called in. Sin is like the free lunch and when we...

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