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Elizabeth Price


An analemma is the result of a year-long series of photographs of the sun, taken one week apart at exactly the same minute every week. A certain day and a specific time must be set aside each week for one whole year to take each shot and the process cannot be hurried...

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The planet, Venus, is notorious for troubling the peace. It looks like a large, bright object and when it is low in the evening sky, it is often distorted by earth’s atmospheric disturbances. It seems to travel or to dance or to change colour and people are sometimes...

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Right on Time

The little lad was sitting in Mother's chair watching the clock. He knew when the hands said six and twelve, the sun would begin coming up. Mother would be up and the day would start. Then he stared and blinked and stared again. The hands of the clock were stuck, they...

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Read the Map

We were well prepared for our journey. We started with a decision and a commitment and added travelling essentials like sunglasses and wallet, fuel in the tank, and made very sure we had a road map. All went well, the unfamiliar road was good, traffic was moderate and...

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Pull-Apart Bread

I was in a baker’s shop enjoying the aromas of all the breads. Enjoyable as they were, I must admit they did not compare with the aroma of bread I had known as a child. My father grew the wheat and took a sack of it to be milled at the local mill. He watched it being...

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Meticulously I prepared the meal and there was a lot of preparing to do: washing and peeling vegetables, flavouring and seasoning the main dish, timing and controlling the cooking. Then when it was ready to my satisfaction, I arranged the food on the plates,...

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Planted and Growing

I walked down into an isolated part of the garden where we had planted some trees and shrubs. They had been there for a couple of years now and I wanted to see how they were doing. The seasons had been good and the young trees were thriving. A couple were as tall as I...

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Password Instructions

So you have your password. It has unique qualities and it has been installed in your mind for a lifetime of use. It promises you a whole new lifestyle so you need to learn how you are to relate to your new status. You ask where, when, why and how do I use it? What...

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A Soliloquy Who am I? I, even I, breathe the breath of fire and stir up dust and death. I have stripped the forests of their olden cover and bared their soil to the drying sun and burnt to crust their fertile glades. I have opened windows of the heavens and broken...

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Omnipotence Revealed

He created the most beautiful image of a flower anyone had ever seen. He used material that had never been seen before, soft and flexible but with a transparency unknown to anyone else and the colours seemed to radiate from whichever angle you looked. It was put into...

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