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Word of God

Dig Your Well

I visited a site with my uncle earlier this year at a rocky and mountainous region in Oyo state. We went there to supervise the job and to ensure that it was done to the satisfaction of the client.The operation we went to supervise was to bore a hole deep into the...

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Conspiracy Theories

Each time I turn on the radio or internet, I am inundated with news about Covid-19 and new developments. It seems my social media feeds are peppered with conspiracy theories which verge on the scary but are closer to ridiculous. There are accusations of government...

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The Missing Ingredient

My current student loves a certain dish made by her mother. She has tried several times to recreate it, but her efforts always come up short. One weekend she went home and watched her mother make this dish, and she discovered something: She was missing some of the key...

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How You Say It

"O Lord God, You are God, and your words are truth." (Samuel 7:28) As I was getting a dish of the strawberries for my young granddaughter, I was thinking to myself, "I got these beautiful large strawberries on sale and they've been in the refrigerator for over a week....

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