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Elizabeth Price

Coat of Many Colours

As an old age pretence of real gardening, I have a habit of picking seed heads off flowers and planting the seeds in pots of soil. If they come up I am pleased and if they don't, I have not really lost anything except a tiny brown speck that could be anything. One...

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The King’s Message

She grew up in an isolated rural area and her clothing illustrated the practical nature of her life. In other words, it was adequate and comfortable but unimportant. Then her life changed and her family moved to a community that had other values. Her immediate elders...

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Tea Talk

Grandma was looking forward to a ‘nice hot cuppa tea,’ as she would say.  She spooned two teaspoons of leaf tea into the teapot, boiled the electric jug, and then she poured the boiling water into the teapot. To keep it hot and fresh, she covered it with a very old...

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Somebody said recently that Australians do not like surprises so I guess it goes with the territory that I and surprises are not generally addicted to each other. Recently on a trip to town to buy supplies to last a week, one wheel of the car hit a curb as it turned a...

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At Any Cost, By Any Road

She watched him leave, something impressing her she would not see him again He had vowed to fight her poverty, brought about by the greed of bureaucracy, and he was so sure he would succeed, there was a swagger in his step. Surely they would listen when they...

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All Revealed

There is a point at which we receive a revelation. It can come at any age and it is a moment in time when we are given insight and conviction. For years, as simple church-goers, we believed in the cross, in the conviction of the sinful, and the salvation of the...

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