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Spiritual Gifts

Dreaming Dreams

I dream every night, and even in an occasional daytime nap, a little dream will edge its way in.  My dreams seem to be products of a kitchen blender; a combination of past life experiences, people I know now or have known, items of the daily news broadcasts, and the...

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100% Pure Orange Juice

I was drinking 100% pure Orange Juice. Or so it said on the carton. I usually don't drink commercial orange juice, for I like to squeeze my own; and as I sipped from my glass that morning, I couldn't help noticing that the juice wasn't quite the same as the...

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"...may all who seek you rejoice and be glad in you." (Psalm 40:16 and Psalm 70:4) How difficult it was to be still long enough for one of the beautiful butterflies to land on the back of my granddaughter's hand! She desperately wanted one of these elusive creatures...

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Walking the Fine Line

This is dedicated to anyone out there who isn't sure how to walk the fine line between pride and poor self-esteem... As I read the encouraging words in the email, I could feel the twangs of emergence as my archenemy, "Pride" began to show its ugly head. You see, pride...

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