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  The Broken Pot A Poem

by | Oct 18, 2014 | Poems, Sanctification, Spiritual Life, Surrender

Cracked from the journey of despair

Pouring out with tears that are countless to bear

A crack from inception of pain and hurt

Choices of others causing heart prints of no worth

Waves that crashed against the pot of life

Leaving these vessels weary under smite

Trials that broke the pottery of flesh

To restore the pot to God’s complete rest

What can you do with a pot so broken ?

Use it for my honour as my word is spoken

Restore it completely to the design of glory

Carrying beauty defined with a supernatural story

A miracle to be unfolded with my power and might

A testimony of triumph greater in sight

A pot that was broken will now be shared

As an emblem of victory God chose to spare

A sign for the seeker that I AM in control

To carry your burdens as you will be consoled

A pot which is broken I can repair

Only if I am given all the pieces for my care

A pot which is broken garnishes my throne

When worship seeps out for my presence alone

I give you this pot that is broken O Lord

Use it completely and let it be restored

You are the potter , I am the clay

Mould me , make me , redeem me, I pray

Design me into newness with a heart so tender

Completely yielded to your will I surrender.

Hazel Moodley