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  The Best Things in Life are Free A Poem

by | Oct 18, 2014 | Poems, Salvation

Refreshing rains, warm sunshine rays,
The delight of a winter’s frost;
Brilliant foliage and bright blue skies,
For these there is no cost.

I’ve never paid a telephone bill
For talking to my Lord;
Nor is there a charge from the utilities
For the power in His Word.

There are no medical bills
When Christ has healed my hurts,
He rebukes me not but liberally gives
The wisdom for which I thirst.

When I drink deeply of His peace
There is no water bill.
No entertainment fee is collected
For the songs of the whippoorwill.

Sins forgiven, birthright restored
These are freely given.
And I’ll never pay a monthly rent
On my home in Heaven.

He clothes me in His righteousness
Expecting no pay from me.
“My child, don’t you know”, he softly says,
“The Best in life is free?”

Audrey Mullen