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  The Cross in the Middle A Poem

by | Oct 18, 2014 | Poems, Sacrifice, Salvation, Victory

Once, there were three crosses,

standing upon a hill.

The earth had grown dark;

he winds began to shrill.

In the center of the crosses,

was Jesus Christ, our Lord.

His love had reached many,

and ears had heard His Word.

But, even though they listened,

the Sacrifice still was yet to come.

He came upon the earth, to see

His Father’s will completely done.

He turned His back upon temptation,

and was able to deny sin.
So, we, too, may strive to do the same,

to remain strong, in Him.

We keep our eyes upon the Cross,

which stood there, in the middle.
We keep our minds upon His Word,

and we are saved, from thorn and thistle.


© 2008 Sandra Lewis Pringle


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