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Janet Eckles

One Bad Apple

I was at my desk following my morning routine the other day. The screen reader installed in my computer readPsalm 34 to me. (This is because I'm blind and use a screen reader to operate my computer). So, there I was, delighting in God's Word while I munched on my...

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6 Ways to Bring Back Peace

Very Carefully New friends ask me, "Being blind, how do you put on your make-up?" My answer is simple: I do it carefully. After living with complete blindness for 33 years, I often forget my limitations. But trouble comes when getting ready to go out. I pry myself...

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The Best Gifts of Life

Doesn't it feel good when we help another person? A friend visited from Cuba and lamented on the condition of her hair. I took her hand. "Look, you don't need to worry about fixing your hair," I said. "We'll go shopping and get you a lovely wig." She hugged me. "In...

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Gotta love this friend. She made me laugh with her story. While a favorite cake I made baked in the oven, I put my feet up and began reading a print catalog. I saw an item that interested me. In order to see the photo a bit larger, I simply touched the picture. I...

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How to Overcome Depression 

Why do folks feel depressed during the holidays? Maybe trying to overcome depression adds to the pressure of life. My neighbor and I stood in front of the mailboxes near the sidewalk, chatting about life. She sighed. "Things are bad all around. More shootings all the...

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How demanding life can be! You know what I mean, right? We follow that same routine—trying to catch our breath as we rush through the day, meeting everyone's needs. Where is the reward? My answer came through my brother and his wife Lois who were our house guests for...

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What to do When Facing Impossibilities

Memorial Day brings back memories of heroes as with gratitude, we recall their brave commitment to bring us victory. But why do we forget the victory Christ has already won for us? Do you remember this story? "One day the angelsa came to present themselves before the...

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