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No Dumping Here

by | Jan 16, 2016 | Direction, Obedience, Word of God

The desert is a peaceful place. All the inhabitants know how to survive. It isn’t an easy life but one can learn to mold themselves to its special needs. The ground squirrel takes his food from the ground in a hurry, running from sparse bush to bush. The birds with advantage from their soar in the sky, they eye needs that give them life, the crawling things from their limited abilities only spanning their jump.  Day to day life goes on, sometimes freezing cold, sometimes scorching. Weather is never friendly always battling its foe, life.

Somewhere in a neighborhood, it doesn’t matter which is a pile of refuse. An old desk, a shopping cart, battered toys.  Things that were once someone’s desired possession.  Something someone paid money for, took home and took care of, used, used up, almost. Only the material remains, its goodness gone.

I walked to edge of a particular property it doesn’t matter which, I looked at the pile of trash I just mentioned.  I looked at the mess and wondered why was this a place to dump unwanted things. Then I looked up at a sign post in the middle, ‘No Dumping’ it read. Someone had seen the dump site, seen the wrong so they put up a sign.

That dump site is like our life. If we would just read the messages God puts up, our life would be a cleaner nicer place. How many times do we ignore the sign posts of life and end up with a mess, when all we had to do was follow the sign.

Author Unknown