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Janet Eckles

The Appalachian Trail

Guide to the Appalachian Trail I settled in the back seat of an Uber car the other day, folded my white cane, and stuffed it in my bag. As I usually do, I began a conversation with the driver. As expected, we became friends. That's because I ask questions that prompt...

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When Fear Attacks

"I took my small dog for a walk one night," my friend Ian said. "The area was dark except for a light near the big fountain in the courtyard of the apartment complex." "I heard my neighbor yell from her second-floor balcony. But the sound of the water in the nearby...

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Why Does Life Have to be so Hard?

During my recent visit to West Palm Beach, God had a wonderful surprise waiting for me. The lovely couple who hosted me quickly became my close friends. I learned an interesting fact about them. "His closet is meticulously organized," my friend said about her husband....

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Finding Strength

All banks closed. too bad. Airport shut down, that's life. No water or electricity, sorry! That was our hometown in Bolivia each time a revolution exploded. Not far from us, only blocks from where we lived. Now, they are but ugly memories from the past. But recently,...

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How do I Calm my Heartache?

Stop crying. That's enough! It wasn't that bad. Stop it now. These are words others used to calm my little granddaughter's cries after a scraped knee. Being the wise grandma I try to be, I have a different approach. I scoop her up in my arms. Hold her tight, and keep...

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How to Find True Love

Looking for love in all the wrong places. Remember that song popular a few years back? The lyrics resonated with millions because they probably did that very thing. The other day, I looked in hubby's direction, fist planted on my hip. "You mean you wouldn't get up in...

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