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Kindling the Flames

by | Feb 2, 2022 | Relationship, Word of God

If you are anything like me, watching a fire dance about in a fireplace is tremendously soothing.

Whether from a fire log, split timber or even natural gas—the yellowy-orange flames can supply more than heat and light. In my opinion, they provide a sense of calm, peace, and relaxation.

In the dead of winter and despite my furnace pumping out heat 24/7, my house can still feel abnormally cool inside. Yup, older house and poorly insulated! So, the perfect solution to ward off a chilly winters evening is to strike a match and ignite a small inferno in my own fireplace. And yes, hot chocolate and mini-marshmallows will absolutely follow!

Once burning, I sat in front of the open hearth and examined the dancing blaze. Each flame was there for but a fraction of a second, then replaced by another. This cycle would continue for as long as there was enough fuel to burn. But, if I failed to add more wood, my coveted light and heat would disappear into a smoldering pile of ash and smoke. Not cool!

Then unexpectedly, my mini bonfire got me to thinking about my faith—that if I don’t spend enough time reading God’s word, or in prayer and worship, that his presence in my life can dim to but a tiny glowing ember. How about you? Is your heart still on fire for God?

Perhaps it’s time for us both to re-evaluate what is truly important in our lives. Without question, things like family, friends, work, an act of kindness—oh, and coffee, are all noble recipients of our time. But we must not forget to make God a priority. And to do that, we need to read our bible more often, pray fervently and repeatedly lift our hands towards heaven in surrender. If you and I want to avoid losing our zest for God, we need to stoke the flames of our spiritual lives to keep our souls burning red-hot!

I believe the Lord wants our hearts to be on fire at all times. Old covenant law stated, “Remember, the fire must be kept burning on the alter at all times. It must never go out.” (Leviticus 6:13 NLT) Symbolically, God wants us burning bright for him. He wants our hearts aflame with truth, love and the joy of being saved by grace through faith in our incredible Saviour, Jesus Christ.

Ok, prayer time!

Dear Lord Jesus,
I want my heart set on fire for you! Rekindle in me a burning desire to spend time in your word, to pray at the foot of the cross on bended knee—to sing to the rooftops in praise for what you’ve done for me! Jesus, take my life and all that’s in it. I recommit and give it all over to you!  Amen.

Time to grab my bible!

Paul Smyth