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Invisible Barriers

by | Sep 29, 2021 | Protection, Trials

“For He orders His angels to protect you wherever you go.  They will steady you with their hands to keep you from stumbling against the rocks on the trail.” (Psalms 91:11-12 NIV)

We are living in unprecedented times when all around us, people are being infected and dying of a virus that has doctors, nurses, and all kinds of support care scrambling, trying to help people of every race, age, culture, you name it!  I say, “unprecedented” because the last time our world went through a pandemic was about one hundred years ago when they didn’t have the information we have available to us in terms of science, medicine and certainly not social media!

Do I know people who have had this virus and survived? Yes.  Do I know people who have had this virus and not survived?  Sadly, yes.  Did I think it could strike “close to home”? Yes. But did I really think it would touch my family? NO!  This last week, Covid19 “hit home” and I can honestly say, I felt terrified, anxious, freaked out…and the list went on.  Did I think to pray?  Absolutely!! 

When I got the text that one of my precious family was a “close contact” with a “positive case”, my heart sank and I felt my world “shake”.  When I received the text that the “close contact” now became a “positive” test result, I realized the ramifications and “domino effect” this had on not only other family, on me, but also those all around.  It was almost overwhelming to think what this meant. 

My response?  “And God is fully capable of invisible barriers.”  This is not typically something I say to myself or others, so I wasn’t sure exactly where that confident statement came from.  I was scared, and yet I found myself sending texts back about “God is still on His throne” and “This has already passed through the hand of God”.  That last statement came from a message from a very precious pastor 20 years ago when our family went through job loss.  I just kept sending words of encouragement while I was grappling with fear.  Those words were not coming from me, but through me, and I was encouraged too.

As we received the first “negative” result of the next person, it was actually “impossible” that this next “close contact” didn’t get Covid as they were married to the first person!  Then, it was my turn to get the test and I received a “negative” result as well!  I firmly believe God gave me the words “invisible barrier” in advance of knowing any of this as I prayed for protection and angels to surround everyone involved. 

As I write this, we are running full tilt into the fourth wave of this pandemic.  Am I okay with this?  No way!  Am I concerned?  Yes, very much so.  Do I think God is still on His throne?  He sure is, and He is also walking right beside me.  As I thought about writing these words, I had no idea what bible verse to go with it.  God reminded me of a few verses of how He sends His angels to watch over us.  To protect us.  To comfort us.

Maybe there is something you are navigating through and you question where God is in the middle of your circumstances.  The encouraging words I would “text” to you are: keep praying, dig into God’s Word and find His comfort and promises and hold on tight.  We just don’t know what He is doing “behind the scenes” and what “invisible barriers” He has already put up that we may never know about…until we see Him face to face.  I wish I could say I was at “perfect Peace”, but God is still working with me on that and reminds me regularly of His wings (See Psalms 91:3).  His angels and His constant love are around me, no matter what.  …and He is there for you too! 

May God bless those who are reading this. May you be encouraged.
Diane Smyth