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Love Came to the Garden

by | Oct 18, 2014 | Love, Salvation

“Adam, where are you? Adam,” God called out and from behind the bushes, transgressions proceeded, guilt walked and disobedience came to light. Yet all God saw was a son, a daughter, and Jesus’ blood. The Garden of Eden where choice lied was tainted by pride.  The radiance of God’s Glory was dimmed by the deceiver’s lie of false authority. Eden was never to be the same again.

I am reminded of the “garden “ in my life as I walked to “the tree of life” or “the tree of me” and at this crossroad I had a divine appointment with the trees of choice. Eden represented the covenant agreement between God and us. “Abba Father” initiated the first step of love and He is faithful to carry this covenant through. God made a covenant with Adam in the garden of Eden, were His condition was “Obey me”, the reward was life and the penalty was death.  Yet when they failed Him, God remained faithful and He did not abandon them.

Our covenantal God is calling out your name in love to believe in Him as your personal Saviour and to eat of the tree of life. The book of beginnings, Genesis, reveals to us a predominantly covenant God. Then we come to the olive grove called the Garden of Gethsemane and we see the covenant of Sonship being restored. Gethsemane represents “thy will be done, not my will, but yours Lord”.

Many know Eden and God’s promise of salvation but are stuck in Gethsemane where the spirit is willing and the flesh is weak. Where “I” is king and “salvation” is for tomorrow. If tomorrow never comes, what is today worth should you have not worked out your salvation. The Son of God left his throne on high to restore you unto the father. Once again, God took the first step. When Eden was created, Gethsemane was prepared.

When Christ took the cross, you were in His mind. When the blood of Jesus was shed, your salvation was His motive. When resurrection power trampled the devil underfoot, your victory was in place. When eternal life replaced the sting of death, the altar was birthed. Even as the song writer said:

“That’s what this altar is for You don’t have to carry those burdens anyway There’s a light in the darkness, there’s a love that is true Jesus is waiting, he is waiting there for you.

Love is in the garden and so are you. The altar has been prepared, the sacrifice has been made. The consuming fire of God wants to destroy the wickedness of sin’s hold over your life. The sweet aroma of praise from your burnt offering of a sanctified life wants to fill the courts of heaven and the tears of a repentant heart wants to seal your name in the Lambs book of life.

Answer the call as “Love is waiting in the garden”. Get out from behind the bushes, discard your nakedness, shame or guilt. Love designed Eden to be your dwelling. Gethsemane to be your robe and Golgotha to be your covering. Come quickly now, before He closes that door.

Hazel Moodley