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  In Reverence A Poem

by | Oct 18, 2014 | Poems, Work

Submit to one another out of reverence of Christ.

Ephesians 5:21

We are to revere all those of Christ,

who have truly consecrated themselves to be set apart,

for His purpose.

Those special anointed ones of God have been chosen to learn,

to lead, and to light up the darkness of the world,

with hidden truths of God,

which have been gleaned from a deeper level of understanding,

due to their enlightenment from Him. . .

Out of a deep respect and fear which has been birthed

in the spirit.

Those whom the Lord has chosen to serve in ministry,

in true representation of Himself,

He will teach.

He will never trust this teaching to be granted by others.

It will be One on one,

a special tutorship.

He will draw those close to Him, most often,

by bitter and hurtful circumstances,

or by trials in which they suffer and have suffered greatly.

The price is costly.

In the life of Paul, we see where the encounter upon Damascus Road

led him into blindness, in order to prepare him to see light,

which would illuminate the world.

While in the darkness, Paul was able to see, spiritually,

without the ability to cling to the world,

the flesh,

and its influence.

Before one can truly see the light of Christ,

one must always be blinded,

so that true light can be manifested from within.

It is the darkest of the nights which bring the most radiance.

Many would not voluntarily submit to such suffering,

in order to understand the depth of the teachings

which Christ shares.

He will prepare the heart and the spirit through circumstances,

which will inspire those to hunger for Him.

Once chosen, we must all be tested,

in order to build our strength,

so that when faced with adversity,

He examines our sails to see how strong they have become,

to see if we can weather the storm, without sinking.

The storms will come, and they will often be fierce.

The enemy knows which ones God has chosen,

and He will fight them at every turn,

trying to weaken and discourage, or distract them,

from the purpose.

We keep our eyes of faith upon God,

and we faith our way through perilous times,

assured of His faithfulness.

This building up of our strength is for the future protection

which we shall need,

and it is the full measure of these strengths,

required to withstand,

and to gird ourselves up in His armor.

The sole purpose of such a committed spirit is to prove ourselves worthy

of the confidence and trust which He places in us,

as He has deposited within us, and sealed us,

with His love,

and with His power.

The adversities we face are never intended to embitter us,

our hearts,

against God.

This grieves the Holy Spirit.

The journeys of faith upon which we walk daily,

will bring us face to face with adversities and the tossing

of the winds,

but we grow, from strength to strength,

from glory to glory,

just as Christ did.

His pattern sets the way for us to follow.

We are adopted into His righteousness,

not because of ours,

but because of His,

for the sake of increasing Him in all those things,

which He has called upon us and directed us to do,

for His namesake.

It is always the world which dictates in the physical, to us.

This is how we come to differentiate if it is God speaking,

or another.

This is why the spirit must be developed to the point,

that Spirit can commune with spirit.

God will always dictate to us in the spirit, not in the flesh.

We must be able to discern between them,

in order to walk in the full spectrum of God,

in His direction, in His power.

We will discuss this further tonight,

as we gather together once more,

for another edition of

“The Evening Sonlight Hour”.

8 pm, Eastern Time 7 pm, Central 6 pm, Mountain 5 pm, Pacific
Please join us as we venture together, in God’s Word.

God bless, Sandra

© 2007 Sandra Lewis Pringle

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