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Sandra Pringle

The Rising Son

The dogwood is a sacred symbol of a Man, most misunderstood. Thinking He was only a False Prophet, they hung Him on this Cross of wood. From that day forward, the tree's branches began growing twisted, and small, its limbs, all bent and weak. Its blood-stained...

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A fresh new beginning, a day to renew and restore! To seek what lies ahead, rather than before! A day to see a glimpse of God, in the pathways which we have chosen to take. To rest in our salvation, and in His blessings ... making a brand new beginning, different from...

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The Victory

To Him, Whose way is perfect, I give thanks. To Him, Whose Word is flawless, I give thanks. Seeking refuge, we find God to be our shield. The enemy will be subdued, and by God's power, shall yield. It is God Who arms us with His strength, whenever the battles rage and...

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The Burden of the Cross

The burden of the Cross, is each of ours to bear. We cannot follow Jesus, and not, in suffering, share. We must realize this burden, this overwhelming strain; We must all experience His great love, while, at the same time, suffering, in our pain. The Cross represents...

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Storehouse of my Soul

Within the storehouse of my soul, are moments I have spent. Some I have borrowed, and some, I have lent. Every passing moment, no matter how big, or small, I count them all as treasures, now that I recount them all. For, in a passing moment, I have said Hello to a...

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Each morning, as I awaken, my thoughts turn quickly to prayer; I lift up those who are in need, and entrust them into God's care.   I like to visit with Him alone, in the early morning hours; To feel His Presence so very near, to rest in His...

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Soldier in His Army

There are many situations in life, that we may not understand. But, we realize our faith in God, and reach out for His mighty hand. He leads us, He guides us, all along our way; He knows where we belong, and upon Him, our eyes shall ever stay. He gives us courage; In...

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Pathway of Deliverance

"By day the Lord went ahead of them in a pillar of cloud to guide them on their way and by night in a pillar of fire to give them light, so that they could travel by day or night. Neither the pillar of cloud by day nor the pillar of fire by night left its place in...

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Pathway of the Heart

Of all the places we may travel, a destiny is sure to come! The pathway of the heart, always leads us to our home! It is true and it is honest, and it never deceives or lies; We can always feel it in the spirit, if we cannot see it, with our eyes. The pathway of the...

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