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  In This Sin-Marred World A Poem

by | Oct 18, 2014 | Comfort, Poems, Sin

In this sin marred world,

The curtain is drawn against heaven,

God is just a fragment of glass,

Shredded into grains of sand,

Flowing through our fingers,

Into emptiness – gravity.

Man’s word has pronounced,

The death sentence on us all,

Hope concrete room; hell,

Alice in wonderland,

Fantasy; through the mirror of despair.

Who dares to corrupt this world?

To tear down, to chain down?

Unto the nether world of demons,

The lie that there is no hope,

No life after this,

What is the point?

Seek and you will find,

Knock and the door will open,

What does your heart see?

Would you recognise goodness,

Pure essential!

Jaqui Julyan