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The Weakest Link

I love the book of Nehemiah. Especially the third chapter.Anyone familiar with the book of Nehemiah will be probably scratching their heads in puzzlement right now, because reading Nehemiah 3 is kind of like reading the genealogies of 1 Chronicles! What could be...

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The Ant

"Nothing preaches better than the ant and she says nothing." (Japanese Proverb [1]) I remember years ago seeing advertisements for ant farms on the back of comic books and in catalogs. I never got one, but I have seen ants in nature. The above proverb is true that you...

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Are you a Hard Worker?

"Work hard so God can approve you. Be a good worker, one who does not need to be ashamed…" (II Tim 2:15 NLT) My husband loves digging in the dirt. When the first breeze of warm air blows in the springtime, his thoughts turn to growing something. Tools to till the soil...

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