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In This Time of Isolation — Sharpen Your Axe!

by | May 12, 2020 | Focus, Relationship, Trials, Worship

Axe = Tool used for chopping wood.
Axe = Your main tool that you need to do a job, earn your living, protect yourself and your family & to get a task done.

Key Text
“If the axe is dull and its edge unsharpened, more strength is needed but skill will bring success.” (Eccl 10:10 NIV)

Yesterday (Pre-Lockdown)
We were too busy with our daily routines: jobs, family, study, other priorities.

We may have been engrossed with finances (making ends meet), deadlines, job pressures.

We try desperately to get things done on our own strength.

We perhaps were so busy we did not think or take time to give attention to the tools of our trade or to sharpen the axe.

Results are simple: –
•    Takes more time to get a job done.
•    We come to the end of the day and are exhausted
•    Our product/output is not excellent
•    We become anxious and stressed 
•    Your spouse & family are neglected.
•    We cannot find the time for God or our devotions.

Today (Lockdown)
In our time of isolation & lockdown, we have time on your hands!

We can now try and sharpen our axe.

The big Question is how do I sharpen my axe?

Maybe the answer lies in getting back to basics!
•    Bring Jesus back to the centre of your world
•    In your day, find your time of solitude with Jesus.
•    Do not compromise with your devotions!
•    Speak to & Share your heart with Jesus!

It is a Time for reflection about ye: –
•    Your strengths from yesterday
•    Your weaknesses
•    Your mistakes
•    Your Priorities
•    Your strategies

Either alone or with your spouse/family – Dream big for your tomorrow!
•    Adjust your Vision and your goals

Have faith, just believe that God will make a way where there seems to be no way!

Your axe has just been sharpened!

Tomorrow (Post Lockdown)
With a sharpened axe in your hand you can now face your tomorrow confidently.

 With the sharpened axe you will: –
•    Save time, energy and effort
•    Time Management is good: Devotions, Family, Work, Rest, etc
•    Keep your Vision ahead of you always.

Keep your focus right = Jesus at the centre …

Go with God, your world is waiting for your input, influence and impact.

Your Axe marks the spot of success!

Pastor Ronnie Naidoo