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by | Jan 3, 2015 | Security (A Mini-Series), Suffering, Trials

This time around, I would like to focus upon a subject which would interest us all irrespective of our religious affiliation for who would not like to have…Security at all times. Dear friends, this was the buzzword in my family circles, when I — on receiving the Divine Call — decided to quit my job (I was employed as an Inspector of Retail Filling Stations) and enter full-time spiritual ministry.  Many honest doubts were expressed about my future prospects with a very gloomy picture of it being drawn at least initially by many who had never experienced God’s redemptive love, first-hand.

Oxford dictionary may state the meaning of the word Security as ‘condition or feeling that guards or guarantees our present & future.’ In modern context, the moment we contemplate the word ‘Security’ a picture of a smiling & healthy family in a well-furnished house protected by a proverbial ‘ring of fire’ would emerge in our minds. There is absolutely nothing wrong in desiring to be well protected. Mind you, the good Lord in His wisdom has placed an instinct for ‘self-preservation’ in his entire creation, let alone mankind. This instinct is conspicuous in a tiny ant as well as in a mighty blue whale. In fact this trait brings along with it stability & order in our society, for in its absence absolute confusion would prevail. Imagine our mind reeling at the sight of people playing with fire everywhere or reaching out to the overhead live electric wires or driving recklessly in our roads or wild animals venturing into our habitat and vice-versa.

Security (along with it the instinct for self-preservation), important as they are, was meant to bring man into closer relationship with his Creator. The one of joyous dependence on his Creator akin to that of a child on its parents. However, what saddens our Creator is our tendency to seek security in everything under the sun, except in Him, not even acknowledging in the process that He is the source behind the security all around us. How misplaced are our priorities when we say that our job or our business is the basis of our security, rather than the one who has given it to us in the first place. Our priorities are just as misplaced when we say that our Government or its laws, which ensure order in our society, are the sole providers of our security. Mind you, the Bible states emphatically that “there is no government anywhere that God has not placed in power…” (Romans 13:1).

Take out the Truth, which is the cornerstone of any commercial deal in our world order and the economies world over would collapse like a pack of cards. The person who said “I am the Truth” (John 14:6) is the One who is holding together this world by putting in man some portion of His character, which oozes with “truth” and “fairness.” When Bible says that God has created man “in His own image” (Genesis1:27), it means that not only do we bear physical resemblance to Him, but emotionally and spiritually also we are like Him. That is why the moment we lie or act unfairly the bell of conscience starts ringing like an “alarm bell” because God’s holy nature in us has been violated. So, in every sphere of our life, if not for God, there would be no truth or fairness in dealings (Proverbs 16:11), which would lead to anarchy, breakdown of law and order, and total absence of security.

Despite providing natural safeguards to protect mankind in general and placing in-built safety mechanisms to ensure our society safety as a whole moves in proper order like factory goods in a well-grooved assembly line, our God being a personal God rejoices in providing security to each one of his children, especially from the dangers brought about by circumstances or by people who have no respect for Him or His ordinances. The Bible abounds with cases of God providing extraordinary security to the lives/property/social and emotional well-being of his people.

In this Series of five parts, I would like to bring to the forefront four such cases of God’s unique protection. One common feature one would observe in all these cases is that in the Bible there is no mention of God’s direct involvement. In fact, the Bible does not even explicitly state in all these cases that God’s hand was there in deliverance of His people from their respective problems, so much so, there may be a temptation to attribute them all to pure coincidence or a stroke of fortune. For the spiritually discerning, however, His role would be a bit too obvious to miss.

So what are those cases? Well, they involve the social/emotional well-being and economic security of 2 women of the Old Testament and the physical lives of two devout men of God. Fasten your seat belts (there would be no danger, full security assured), as we prepare to “take off” to explore this subject.

Please join us next week for Security, Part 2

Prayer: Father, You are our refuge and fortress, wherever, we may be placed. Help us always to rely on you in all situations. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

Suresh Manoharan
An unworthy servent
J and SM Ministries

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