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Seasons of Refreshing

by | Oct 18, 2014 | Renewal

“For I the Lord your God will hold your right hand; I am the Lord, Who says to you, Fear not; I will help you!” (Isaiah 41:13)

How impossible does your situation look?  How bad has it gone that you feel that it is time to give up?  How hopeless do you feel?  Do you feel like all is lost?  Is your heart broken beyond repairing?  Are you afraid and feeling defeated?

This can only mean one thing, you have hit rock bottom and there is only one other way out which is up. You are on your way up. I have one re-assurance for you and that is JESUS still sits on the throne and your breakthrough is at hand.  Don’t be moved.  These are not just any words but words backed up as a promise, a promise that is real and strengthened by the power of an Almighty God.

Your next line is “You don’t know what it is like?” You’re right, I don’t know your pain, but I know YOUR GOD.  And you also know your God.  God has not forgotten about you.  He sees your tears.  He carries you in the midst of your hurt.  He strengthens you to go forward and He is a lifter of your head.  God predestines those He has called, called those He has justified and sanctifies those He has justified. You are a sanctified, justified, called and predestined individual, so don’t cut off your destiny by standing in disbelief.

Can’t see your break through anymore?  Then don’t look for it, because your eyes only look at the evidence.  Instead, feel your breakthrough, touch it, embrace it and call that which is not as if it were in the mighty name of Jesus.  Saul turned Paul on the Damascus road and for 3 days after his conversion, he was blind.  Why?  He needed to believe it before he saw it.  Then only the scales fell off his eyes.  Believe it to receive it and then only you will see the victory.  Put on the full armour of God to change your thoughts, heart, steps, speech and actions in this furnace.

On the road to Damascus, Jesus did not find Paul, Paul found Jesus.  So I am asking you now to get a hold of Jesus and he will rescue you on this road of yours. Let his light blind you from the darkness all around you.  Focus on the Lord right now and not your circumstances.  In the presence of the Lord, there is fullness of joy, there is fullness of healing, there is fullness of deliverance, there is fullness of God and there is the fullness of His glory.  Get into God’s presence, stay there and remove your scent from the attacker.  If the devil can’t reach you, he won’t be able to attack you.  The devil will prowl around you, he will growl at you, he will snarl in front of you but he will never be able to touch you.  You are in your Father’s presence and He is mighty to save you.

I feel in my spirit that you, who are reading this and looking for a breakthrough, are receiving it in the name of Jesus.  Your heart is being flooded with the peace of God.  The joy of the Lord is touching your lips and there is a song and dance in your feet.  The burden is removed and you are ready to overcome and conquer in Jesus name.  Blessed are you who place your trust in the Lord, you are not put to shame.


Hazel Moodley 

[email protected]


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