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  Oh River of Spirit A Poem

by | Oct 18, 2014 | Poems, Salvation

Oh, River of Spirit,

flowing ever so deep,

What secrets do you carry?

And how long, will you keep?

Open up, O sorrowful spirit,

and let the lovelight shine.

Tell God all your troubles,

and let Him fill you with love, so divine.

Let go of the years of torment,

the years of shackles and chains,

and look upward to our Savior,

the One Who releases all pain.

May His love begin to touch you,

and flow freely from your heart;

and may He always be Your Shepherd,

His care, willing to impart.

Free that terrible burden,

all the years of shame;

and become a new creature in Him,

and be called, by His precious name!


~ © 2008 Sandra Lewis Pringle