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A Voyage of Discovery, Part 3

by | Oct 18, 2014 | A Voyage of Discovery (A Mini-Series), Love

In the concluding part of our Easter series on the “Voyage of discovery” viz . . . the journey of the disciples with the Master Himself from Jerusalem to Emmaus, today we come to the final two lessons . . .

1. Communion: Once the realization dawned upon the disciples that they were in the presence of SOMEONE SPECIAL, they sought His fellowship by inviting Him to their homes (Luke 24:28-29). It is pertinent to note, our God comes INTO OUR HOME (read our heart) only on INVITATION. He is not a gate-crashing God. Even in His cosmic war with Satan on whom the Creation would obey, He ensured absolutely a level playing field by providing a free choice of obedience to our First parents in the Garden of Eden. Couldn’t He have forcibly made them obey, by placing Cherubim with a flaming sword in front of the Forbidden tree?  NO! HIS FAIR NATURE WOULD NOT PERMIT THAT!

It is also pertinent to note here that Christ became the cause of the two disciples (residing in different homes in Emmaus) breaking bread together that evening. If not for Him, they would not have supped together going back to their different homes in their village. Even after thousands of years is not unchanging Christ (Heb 13:8) bringing so many of us belonging to different “homes”, nationalities, backgrounds together for a time of common fellowship in HIM (Gal 3:28)?

2. Commission: During dinner time, the moment He supernaturally disappears on they recognizing Him (some scholars say his nail scarred hands were a giveaway), they COULD NOT CONTAIN THE GOOD NEWS TO THEMSELVES THAT THEY HAD SEEN THE RISEN LORD. Though there was no verbal instruction from the Master to be a witness to His resurrection (at least, not at that stage) they felt compelled in their spirits to go back to to Jerusalem to share the exciting news with their fellow disciples (Luke 24:32-33). Talk of fire spreading . . .

As Christians, do not we identify ourselves immediately with the step-by-step progressive experience of these two Emmaus village residents? Our journey in life, too, without Christ, was marked by confusion dictated as it was by worldly priorities, then the Savior came along convicting us with the truths of the Scriptures heralding His First Advent (everything from His miraculous virgin birth to glorious ascension), leaving us pining for more of His fellowship. Like the disciples, we too invited Him into “our homes” and having enjoyed communing with Him, we too cannot contain the joys and the warmth (Luke 24:32) He brings into our lives and are excited to share them with everyone we know. Mind you, sharing the GOOD NEWS (GOSPEL) is an exercise which comes only at the end after fully experiencing and enjoying its redemptive power . . . HALLELUJAH!

Prayer: Father, make us thoroughly enjoy Thee and then make us share the joys of our communion with Thee with everyone we meet. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

Suresh Manoharan

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