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The Rising Son

by | Jan 9, 2016 | Poems

The dogwood is a sacred symbol of a Man,

most misunderstood.
Thinking He was only a False Prophet,

they hung Him on this Cross of wood.

From that day forward, the tree’s branches began growing twisted,

and small, its limbs, all bent and weak.
Its blood-stained blossoms tell of the suffering He bore,

as He turned His other cheek.

And from that day onward,

the sad story has been repeated, many times.
It has touched the hearts of many,

and changed many lives.

There is no way to amend, the heartbreak of His loved ones,

or to repair the damage that was done.
But, the sacrifice of His life was not all in vain,

for, still yet, we believe in the miracle of the Rising Son.

~ Sandra Lewis Pringle ~ © 2009


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