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In the Mirror

by | Jan 9, 2016 | Poems, Value

“You say I surprise you with My gifts.
Encouragement at the moment it’s needed,
insight to your heart’s deepest thoughts,
comfort laid directly on the hurting parts.
‘How did you know?’, I feel you say,
‘how did you know God that I was caught?
Caught up in the web of my own making,
spiraling down with doubts’.

But is anything beyond My knowledge my daughter?
Is anything a surprise to My Spirit?
If you knew the extent that I lived in you,
and how much My love surrounds;
you would not doubt My devotion for a moment,
and would never for a moment feel alone.
So look in the mirror and when you see the image of yourself,
see Me too, for we are not separate, but bound.

And each concern of yours is a concern of Mine.
Each doubt in yourself, I will find, and remind you,
that you are made in the image of Me, and
because of that you are rich in possibility.
There is no measure you can use to define yourself,
that can capture the potential I have placed in you.
You must only believe that when you don’t feel enough
I, with you, My body, make a multitude.

You say I surprise you with My gifts,
but you to Me are My prize.
And just as I’ve graced you with My presence,
you grace the world by being the you that I have designed.
Don’t question anymore, but explore,
see who you are, all its wonders and its flaws,
but please do not deride what you find,
for you are worth so much more than you recognise.”

Ana Lisa de Jong
January 2015