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Ana Lisa De Jong

A Beggar

I am a beggar at your door the steps rising before my hesitant feet I can hear the sounds within your kingdom drawing me, despite my lack of confidence. My feet unclean, I could wipe them more than once and they would still not shed the grime. So I turn and sit at the...

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Beauty falls like rain,  we can't catch every drop, but we stand still with mouths open to slack our aching thirst. Beauty grows like leaves on the greening tree, we try to grasp the outline  of each stunning leaf but can't. Our eyes can only take in so...

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What Can we Build?

I wonder What are we building? With the tools we have been given. What can we build? That will stand in wind and storms. That won’t perish, like the earth, and fade like worn out clothes. What are we building? That will last longer than silver and gold. That will be...

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We are Together

We are together. All of us here together. No-one not our brother, or our sister. We are together. So much more with one another. That in truth we make a multitude. We are together. Not alone, but wired for each other. Connected by threads that cannot be unwound. Not...

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Tui, with your white throat, you dance on the flimsy limb, and sing a song, that keeps me listening. As the wind tosses the leaves against a leaden winter sky, I wonder you have a tune still that causes your breast to rise . I fear the cold that I can feel in the...

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Pray without Ceasing

I fall asleep to my petitions, and wake with praise on my lips and the sense  of something turned around, as I slept. “I make all things new”, He says. Just like the sun, on a new day is the same but rises clothed afresh in a thousand different shades. Just as...

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Space When you’re present is all around you. Space to lift your arms out wide. To twirl. Space to fall down on your knees. To unfurl, and recognise, that when you’re present the whole world stops too. In that moment that you catch your breath, the space catches you....

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To Witness

I, love I, love from here. From my heart, which burns, and beats and smiles and cries. Which starts and smarts, with each move and turn of the subjects of my love. I am mother, I am wife. I am friend, and lover of God. But my heart, is inside out. Love does that. It...

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Lent Speak

Lent. Speak to me. A word that holds such hidden depths. Take me on your hallowed ground, untouched, and unturned yet by heart or mind. Show me your intents, what you’re yet to unveil. I wait here still, with bated breath, to hear your name revealed. Lent. Lead me on....

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