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Why do you Wait

by | Oct 18, 2014 | Poems, Relationship

Why do you wait until Christmas,

before you look for me;
Close your eyes, look deep inside…….

that’s where I will be.

I’m no longer a babe in a manger,

under a shining star;
I’m the one you feel all around,

no matter where you are.

Why do you wait until Easter,

to think about me being crucified;
When you do wrong every day,

every day for you I die.

I’m no longer hanging on a cross,

I sit on my Father’s right hand;
If you truly believe in me,

then everyday you must stand.

Don’t wait for Christmas to look for me,

for I am always there;
I am as-close-as a whisper,

given out in prayer.

Easter is not the only time

you can come to Calvary;
For I am your Father,

 and you can always call on me.


By: Pat Finn


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