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Where God’s Love Will Go

by | Oct 18, 2014 | Love, Poems

Is there a length, to which, God’s love will not go?

Is there a depth, for which, God’s love is too low?

Is there a dark place where God’s love and light will not show?

Can such a place ever be so?

Is there a place where the blood of Jesus will not flow?

Is there a place just too far for God’s love to go?

Oh yes! That dark place in the soul for the one who says, “No! No! No!”

Chris Hansen

Author: “Revelation Revisited.” Vivid and clear visions of Christ, antichrist, Heaven, Hell, and cosmic cataclysm on a universal scale. “Secret of the Psalms.” The entire biography of Jesus’ life was prerecorded up to a thousand years in advance. “Grandfather’s Journal.” A very touching story about a troubled young boy who loses his fear of death by reading his grandfather’s journal in which he describes the radical transformation in his own life because of the resurrection of Jesus. Bookstores and  and 1-888-795-4274


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