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  The Mighty Hand of God A Poem

by | Oct 18, 2014 | Creation, Poems

Fires, storms and hurricanes,

Tornadoes, floods, and drought;

We see the mighty hand of God

At work, there is no doubt.

Tsunami’s underwater,

Where they’ve never been before;

The last days are upon us.

Of this we can be sure.

Some blame Mother Nature.

Other’s say it’s global warming.

But, climate change is God’s domain

And He’s giving us fair warning.

He’s telling the lost to change their ways,

Because the time’s at hand,

To worship His Son Jesus and spread

His words throughout the land ..

To watch for the Savior’s coming

On a cloud, there, in the East

And prepare to meet the Bridegroom;

Sharing in His wedding feast.

O’ sheep, how long will you be lost

As under Satan’s feet you’ve trod

Instead of listening to the Savior’s voice

Or touch the mighty hand of God?

O’ earth, how long will you ignore

The Father and the Son?

Did you forget that they exist

And their Spirits are as one?

© 2007 by Vickie Lambdin Poetry by Vickie Lambdin Treasured Thoughts Vickie is a Heavenly Inspirations Author. This poem may be used in its entirety, with credits in tact, for non-profit ministering purposes.