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  The Most Important Part of Me A Poem

by | Oct 18, 2014 | Poems, Praise, Worship

The mountains in their majesty
Reflect Your boundless presence
The flowers in their beauty
Reflect Your peaceful grace
The trees lift up their branches
To Praise Your glorious Name
The winds will blow so gently
And praise You just the same
The clouds linger up in the sky
Hanging delicately
The birds soar up in the air
And sing abundantly
Of Your love
Of Your mercy
Of Your never-ending grace
Of your power
Of your wisdom
Of Your always present face
We should too
give Praise to You
And worship night and day
In all we do
In all we feel
In all we think and say
Please Father forgive me
When in my mind I doubt
That You are always present
Waiting to help me out
I now release to You
All my fears and dread
And make more room inside
Of my heart instead
For You to come
For You to be
The most important part of me

Lisa Gopp

Feb 27, 2004


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