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Vickie Lambdin

The Power of Three

The Father, the Son, and Holy Ghost Make up this amazing Trinity. Three nails that held Jesus to the cross; Yes, there's blood saving power in the three. Three wise men came, from far away, Bearing gifts for their Christ Child in the hay. But, little did they know...

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The Birth of a Lamb

Praise God! Praise God! For the birth of His Lamb. That little King of Kings, that was born in Bethlehem. God sent down His only son to pay sins price for everyone, So, Praise God for the birth of His Lamb. Praise God for His wonderful grace; And for sending His...

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Quality Time

Do we just call upon the Lord when we're distressed, When our lives are upside down and in a mess? Maybe that's why our prayers fall on deaf ears, Because our cries of help are all He ever hears. Do you ever look toward heaven, then just pause To praise God and to...

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On His Mind

With arms open wide, Jesus suffered and died; And not one word of revenge did He speak. With His flesh torn apart, we remained in His heart; He kept silent and turned the other cheek. And while He hung on that cross, we remained on His mind. He bore the sins of the...

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My Special Valentine

Lord, You are my Valentine; The one that I adore. You gave your life up, just for mine; You thought I was worth dying for. There's no greater love on earth Than the love You've shown for me; And I could search this whole world over, From sea to shining sea. Your...

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Beyond the Tomb

The Roman soldiers tortured Him, Then pierced Him in the side. His blood flowed free like a river. It was finished, done; He had died. They took him to the tomb and buried Him. Satan thought that his victory was done. But, three days later, Jesus rose from the grave....

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A Savior is Born

In Bethlehem, one early morn, The Son of God (a King) was born As He lay smiling; fast asleep Among the flocks of goats and sheep. Now, the brightest star, in Bethlehem, Was shining on God's little lamb. The wise men came from far away, Falling down to worship Him and...

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Why Father

Father, why did You chose Your own flesh and blood To die on the cross for our lives? Why couldn't You have chosen a goat or a ram? Seems to me that would have sufficed. I guess it just took more than a ram To cover the transgressions of men. You had to give up the...

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The Greatest Miracle

I see You in the flowers, Lord. I see You in the rain. I saw Your face in the sunset glow, Just before the nightfall came. I see You in each miracle That happens from day to day; Like the smile of a newborn baby Or a mare giving birth in the hay. I see the majestic...

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The Centurion

I am one of the Roman soldiers That drove the nails into Jesus' hands. Then, I came to realize That He really was the Son of Man. When I heard Him cry, "Father, please forgive them, For they know not what they do," I bowed my head in shame .. Because, right then And...

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