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Pathway of the Heart

by | Oct 18, 2014 | Poems

Of all the places we may travel,

a destiny is sure to come!

The pathway of the heart,

always leads us to our home!

It is true and it is honest,

and it never deceives or lies;

We can always feel it in the spirit,

if we cannot see it, with our eyes.

The pathway of the heart is special,

and it leads us to those in need;

Whether it be a kindness of word,

or whether it be an act or deed.

The pathway of the heart leads us

to those we love;
And it is a divine pathway,

sent from up Above.

God knows our destinations,

He knows all of our plans;
And if we but obey and follow,

we shall be blessed upon the pathways,

with every blessing, known to man!

~ Sandra Lewis Pringle ~ © 2009


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